Behind the Story: Kimberly Martin’s Journey with Husband Jeffrey Roberts

American journalist Kimberly Martin is broadly perceived for her achievements in the field of sports journalism. She at present works for ESPN in the regarded job of NFL journalist, furnishing fans overall with smart inclusion.

Before joining ESPN, Kimberly had an incredible career covering the Redskins as a sports reporter at The Buffalo News and a beat writer for The Washington Post. For her outstanding talent and commitment to her field, she has won various awards, including the National Association of Black Journalists’ 2011 Arising Journalist of the Year title.

Kimberly accomplished amazing work at Newsday, and her efforts were not unappreciated. She was a member of a team that brought back home various honors, including the Related Press Sports Editors’ in front of the pack project composing grant. Their top to bottom revealing explained the troubles NFL players experience in making the change in accordance with life beyond football.

Kimberly is as yet viewed as one of the top voices in sports journalism in light of her commitment to quality and love of recounting stories. Her commitments to the field have made a dependable difference, and the two crowds and her friends have recognized and regarded her.

Who is  Kimberly Martin’s?

Kimberley A. Martin started an undeniably exhilarating new part in her career when she began filling in as a beat writer for the Washington Redskins at The Washington Post in November 2017.

Martin began composing an overall task section for the Buffalo News before moving to the country’s capital.

There, he turned out to be notable for his top to bottom investigations of the Buffalo Bills association.

Her shift to covering the Redskins exhibited her versatility and obligation to delivering drawing in sports composing.

Is the rumor about Kimberly Martin’s divorce true?

It’s indistinct whether Kimberly Martin and her better half are officially divorcing in light of the fact that she hasn’t unveiled any relationship refreshes. We’ll tell you if an official declaration is made.

 We should check out at their married life in the meantime.

When did Kimberly Martin and Jeffrey Roberts tie the knot?

The couple traded promises in 2014. You can catch a brief look at their wedding thoroughly searches in a tweet gave underneath:

“But I’m quite lucky to be “managing” — with @ByKimberleyA”

Their relationship is built on love, respect, understanding, and shared values. They have likewise built a blissful and contented life together by supporting each other’s aspirations.

Jeffrey and Kimberly like to hang out, gaining experiences that will last a lifetime and fortifying their relationship.

 Their connection is vibrant and overflowing with bliss as they share laughter, affection, and mutual interests.

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Do Kimberly Martin and Jeffrey Roberts have any children?

After almost nine years of marriage, Kimberly Martin and her spouse maintain a strong and affectionate bond. By ruling against having children together, they are deciding to follow a path that is consistent with their own necessities, objectives, and wants.

Rather than establishing a family, they have opted to zero in on working on their relationship, accomplishing their singular objectives, and enjoying the liberty and adaptability that accompany their decision.

The spouse of Kimberly A. Martin: Jeffrey Roberts?

Kimberly imparts a happy union with her significant other, Jeffery Roberts, who celebrates his birthday each 10th of June. Jeff likes to stay under the radar via web-based entertainment and values his security most importantly.

His career process started as a sports coordinator, editor, and writer at The Record and Envoy News, where he leveled up his abilities and energy for storytelling. Throughout the long term, he has likewise filled in as a senior associate editor at AM Best Publications and a feature writer at Vox Media.

In his most recent job, Jeff has taken on different responsibilities, including lead reporting, overseeing production, and filling in as an associate director at NJ Advance Media. His dedication and expertise have undoubtedly made significant contributions to the field of journalism.

Meet Kimberly Martin Children & Family :

Kimberly Martin and her husband have cherished almost eight years of marriage, yet they have decided not to have children.

Kimberly’s family likewise incorporates her husband and her loved mother Camille, who she frequently highlights in charming Instagram posts.

Regretfully, on February 12, 2012, Kimberly’s father — about whom not much is known to people in general — died of cancer. On Instagram, she paid homage to him with a heartfelt post, celebrating his heritage and memory.

Growing up, Kimberly imparted numerous memories to her sister, Lavidia. Their bond is evident in a periodic photos Kimberly shares of them together on social media.

Wiki Info: 

Full NameKimberly Martin
OccupationSports Journalist
Previous WorkThe Buffalo News, The Washington Post
AwardsNational Association of Black Journalists’ 2011 Emerging Journalist of the Year
SpouseJeffrey Roberts
Marriage Year2014
MotherCamille (frequent appearances on Kimberly’s Instagram)
FatherDeceased (died of cancer on February 12, 2012)
BirthplaceBrooklyn, New York
Birth DateJanuary 9, 1984
Age39 years old
HeightNot specified
Net Worth (2022)Estimated to be around $800,000
Annual SalaryApproximately $85,000
Current ResidenceWashington, DC
Career Highlights– Beat writer for The Washington Post’s Washington Redskins coverage
– General assignment columnist at The Buffalo News
– Recognized by the Associated Press Sports Editors for project writing
– Lead reporter and managing producer at NJ Advance Media
Personal Life– Married to Jeffrey Roberts since 2014
– No children currently
– Deeply affectionate towards their pet dog
– Relationship with father commemorated on social media, little public information about father available
– Fond memories shared with sister Lavidia

Age Kimberly Martin :

Born and brought up in Brooklyn, New York, Kimberley Martin entered the world on January 9, 1984, and with that, her process in sports journalism started. At 39 years old, she has not just made considerable progress but has likewise become a familiar and respected name in her industry. Kimberley’s enthusiasm and unflinching dedication have pushed her to amazing heights, acquiring her the admiration and recognition of her companions in the sports journalism community.

Height Kimberly Martin’s:

There is no particular information accessible about Kimberley Martin’s height.

Net worth :

By 2022, Kimberley Martin’s net worth ought to be near $800,000. Her differed asset and investment portfolio, journalism career, and other factors have contributed to her monetary achievement.

Her yearly compensation as a NFL reporter is generally $85,000, which adds a substantial amount to her net worth.

Kimberley, who is just 37 years old, has proactively hit numerous noteworthy professional milestones and is expected to have much more progress from here on out. Her achievements and relentless determination will likely reason her to pass the million-dollar boundary soon.

Personal life Kimberly Martin’s: 

After over eight years of marriage, Kimberly and Jeffrey’s canine, who they currently live with in Washington, DC, is the main member of their family.

Despite their common profound love for youngsters and want to start a family in the future, they have consciously decided to put their careers first for the time being. At this point in their lives, they are glad to concentrate on propelling their careers since they accept they are not emotionally or practically prepared to take on the afflictions of parenthood.


Spousal Congruity: Kimberly Martin is cheerfully married to Jeffrey Roberts, celebrating their marital ecstasy starting around 2014.

Serene Lifestyle: Jeffrey Roberts maintains a position of safety on social media, underlining protection in his own life.

Occupational Excursion: Jeffrey’s career encompasses jobs like sports coordinator, editor, and writer at The Record and Herald News. He later filled in as a senior associate editor at AM Best Publications and a feature writer at Vox Media. Currently, he stands firm on footholds as a lead reporter, overseeing maker, and associate director at NJ Advance Media.

Birthday Celebration: Jeffrey Roberts celebrates his birthday on the 10th of June.

Marriage Commitments: Kimberly and Jeffrey traded their marital promises in 2014, denoting the start of their persevering and supportive relationship.


Kimberly Martin, the esteemed sports journalist working for ESPN, has a thriving career in NFL journalism. Before ESPN, she displayed her expertise as a sports columnist at The Buffalo News and a beat writer for The Washington Post. Recognized for her dedication, she acquired the National Association of Black Journalists’ 2011 Arising Journalist of the Year grant.

In her own life, Kimberly is cheerfully married to Jeffrey Roberts, a private person with an effective career in sports journalism. Their marital excursion started in 2014, and despite their love for children, they have currently decided to zero in on their careers.

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